This is the official website and audio-visual platform of the leftfield electronic techno and house music recording artist / DJ / music producer and designer Creative Director 4THSEX also known as Jean Marc Virard. A fully immersive experience in 4THSEX world, brand, lifestyle, art directions, his lives sets, radio shows, guest DJ mixes, podcasts, special edits and remixes with of course all his videos, his short films and all his collaborations with his best friend brother and long time business and artist partner the recording artist and creative director R. « De Corbusier » English, including his records with his label comparses crew Nosaj Thing, D Tiberio, Gerry Read, Holodec… on Timetable / Warp Records. Without forgetting his self releases on his 4THSEX label 4THSEXTAPE RECORDS / Believe Recordings, then as well on his side project the independent label Out of Respect Records, plus all his edits and remixes, partys including works with legendary disco recording house recently revived Midland Records.